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We design and realize modern urban spaces. Spectacular. Thoughtful. Atmospheric.
Confident realization
of thoughtful projects
A residential complex of two houses on Slutsky Street with a closed and landscaped territory, where the concept of a "yard without cars" will be implemented. Comfort at an affordable price.
Aura Apartments
Apartments are a new type of real estate in Vladivostok in a busy area of the city.
Commercial premises for business and apartments for living.
Residential complex in the center of Vladivostok on Volodarsky street. 3-5 apartments per floor creates comfort and privacy for their residents. Premium quality materials are used to finish the MOPS and the facade. Landscaping of the territory according to an individual landscape design project. Most of the apartments offer stunning views of the Golden Horn Bay.
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Residential complex on Fir Street,
located in a convenient location. 5 minutes to the Golden Bridge. View apartments start from the lowest floors. And the height of the windows reaches 2.2 m here.
The house by the embankment. The Maclay Tower is a separate 24—storey building of the Silver Bay residential quarter. It is located in the actively developing and promising area of Vladivostok on the shore of the Amur Bay. The residential complex meets the requirements for modern living standards. Places for a varied pastime will provide a balance between a calm and an active rhythm of life. Maclay contains unique apartments with panoramic windows. The best sunsets will be in the palm of your hand.
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Business class residential complex in the Sanatorium district. Apartments with sound insulation, high windows, spacious terraces and balconies. It is comfortable, safe and beautiful here. Natural materials are used in the facade decoration, which perfectly fits the project into the natural environment.
Two houses with a well-maintained closed territory and underground Parking. The apartments have high windows that open spectacular views of the bridge and the Golden Horn Bay. Unusual architecture of the building without sharp corners.
Residential complex of 12 houses with a closed territory in the village. New. The courtyard here is without cars. Free and spacious parking
is available around the perimeter of the RC. Places for recreation, playgrounds, sports ground: there is everything for a comfortable
life for the whole family.
Located in an ecologically clean area on Sanatorium, a 20-minute drive to the center of Vladivostok.
Business class residential complex in the Sanatorium district. Apartments with sound insulation, high windows, spacious terraces and balconies. It is comfortable, safe and beautiful here. Natural materials are used in the facade decoration, which perfectly fits the project into the natural environment.
A complex of seven three-storey brick houses in the middle of a forest in the Sadgorod microdistrict.
Aura of exclusivity
of comfort
Aura Development specialize
in houses of comfort-
and higher classes. A rich portfolio of high-quality real estate
Among the top of Primorye developers by the volume of housing commissioned. Experts in what you value.
A place to live. Significant investment. City’s centerpiece. This is your home.
More than you expect
We create projects destined to exceed expectations of the most demanding clients.
on quality of life
Perhaps you are just “investing in real estate” – but anyway you will want to live in our houses.
Unconditional reliability
We are among the selected 30% of Russian companies that were awarded the highest score by the Unified Resource of Developers for meeting the declared deadlines.
Improving cities
We work with well-known architects to create beautiful projects and integrate these projects into the urban environment efficiently.
Thoughtful project, high-quality materials, infrastructure – every element of the project is equally important to us.
We help with purchases
Contact the sales department of Aura Development to purchase the property you are interested in directly. It is fast and safe.
In addition, if you are interested in obtaining a mortgage loan – it greatly increases the likelihood of your request being approved by the bank. We offer a wide range of mortgage programs from partner banks.
To customers
Our residential complexes are accredited by leading banks that offer the most
favorable credit conditions
Our Manager will provide professional assistance in collect documents and dealing with the Bank, and answer any questions about buying an apartment.
All types of preferential mortgages:
  • far Eastern
  • family
  • preferential for new buildings
  • military
  • IT-mortgage
Installments for initial payment
No overpayments.
The sales department managers will tell you about the terms of the installment plan.
Tranche mortgage
Under the tranche mortgage program, your mortgage payments for the first time may be
  • from 2,500 rubles / month. (if the cost of the apartment is 4-5 million rubles.)
Over time, the payment will increase. But until the completion of the construction of the house, it will remain comfortable.
You can rent an apartment, pay a mortgage and not experience a big financial burden.
Aura Development is open to cooperation with real estate agencies, banks, investors, developers.
All details are important
Selection of location
Green suburb or busy center, terrain and views, roads and infrastructure – we take all factors into account from the very beginning.
Project development
Our projects combine a spectacular appearance with the effective solutions – up-to-date layouts, comfortable grounds and a modern utility component.
We build on time and keep our promises because we arrange processes correctly, choose reliable contractors and use high-quality materials.
Comfort for living
Green territory, safe courtyards, areas for walking and sports, playgrounds, convenient parking and storage rooms – the house will be worthy of its residents.
People focused on
uncompromising results

Pavel Vladimirovich
general director
Vladimir Vladimirovich
development director
Dmitry Konstantinovich
project manager
Nikita Sergeevich
commercial director
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